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So, um, yeah.. I was soooo going to switch to wordpress. Life got in the way, and I’m lazy. If you still want to read about a chic name Jilbabble, I updated my blogger bloggy blog…


It’s 2 a.m. and we have been snowed in since last week! Weeee!

You would think this would allow me time to do stuff on this blog, but noooo. Jib Jr. will not have any of that. He is a little Drama King, a Ginormous Handfull. Masha Allah, I guess.24 hours a day I am at his service. Good thing he is cute.

I just realized that I had all these comments pending approval but I didn’t know it! Thanks ladies for stopping by and I will *try* to update and be more web-social. WordPress is still a mystery to me…

Baby is crying for his milk now.

Welcome to my new home.

Eid Mubarak, by the way.

How was your Eid?

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  • iMuslimah: Yay! Im so glad youre back, Ive been thinking about you n your little boy!
  • iMuslimah: Wa alaykum salaam wa rhamatullahi wa barakatuhu!!!! I love your new lilly pad ;) Very bright, feels hopeful :) Alhamdulillah Eid was quiet, but
  • Nisa: Salaam sis Thought I'd be the first to comment....a belated eid mubarak to you....take care